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Pricelist for a specialized medical programme

"Detox Aqua-Therm"

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Dear guests, please, bring with you the following documents:
• passport;
• health insurance certificate;
• spa resort card. 

Pricelist for the special programme "Detox Aqua-Therm" in 2017

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To lose weight and to make your body healthier is easy, and the programme "Detox Aqua-Therm" will help you to do this; it not only rejuvenates your body but also gives you positive mood and wonderful well-being. The innovative Detox programme offered by the spa resort "Mashuk Aqua-Therm" (located in Zheleznovodsk) stipulates a comprehensive approach for the fight with fat depots resulting in a full body rehabilitation. The programme of the comprehensive body cleaning Detox combines modern technologies with traditional weight loss methods and suits both for women and men. Detox programme components help everyone to start keeping a healthy lifestyle, return positive mood and feel easiness in one's body. The cleaning programme Detox not only gives splendid results in slimming but also provides a visible long-term health-improving effect. The programme "Detox Aqua-Term" includes a special system of food intake developed by nutrition experts; this system is based upon the balanced diet menu consisting of ecological and pure ingredients. The programme "Detox Aqua-Term" and its main component - clinical nutrition -  is that first step to the weight loss process. The key purpose of procedure taking is facilitating the cleaning of the body from toxins and releasing from chemical substances and additives that are included in everyday food. Guests using components of the programme "Detox Aqua-Therm" are offered an everyday menu containing:

  • natural fruit;
  • various fermented milk dishes;
  • vegetable plates and salads;
  •  porridges;
  •  light soups, etc.

All components of the programme "Detox Aqua-Therm" are intended at slimming and health-improvement as the key difference of this programme from similar developments is that a usual diet is substituted by useful products that allow to improve digestion and facilitate recovery of digestive functions. Applying the programme "Detox Aqua-Term" one needs to keep in mind that food shall be taken in small portions five times in a day, and 30 minutes before the meal guests are recommended to take mineral water from the local pump room. This feature is the reason why the programme "Detox Aqua-Therm" give the patients relief from fatigue and accumulated stresses that are habitual for virtually every citizen: headache, irritability, insomnia, low energy level, etc.

Medical aspect

To participate in the programme "Detox Aqua-Therm", guests need to be evaluated by a physician, psychologist, gynecologist (urologist) and other specialists. Diagnostic procedures include urinary tests, blood tests, as well as smears, ultrasound scans, ECG and Vega testing. Therapeutical procedures are prescribed only after diagnostics.

The Detox programme includes treatment with medicines and conduct of various manipulations if prescribed. Some of them are:

  • intake of herbal medicinal products and mineral water;
  • spa procedures;
  • underwater massage;
  • enemas and bowel syphonage;
  • anti-cellulite procedures;
  • bath and sauna;
  • hirudotherapy;
  • gymnastics;
  • reflex therapy;
  • massage.

Medication mandatory for the Detox programme is intended for recovery of internal organ functions by means of taking the activated carbon, irrigation of biliary tracts, sulfuric magnesia injections and some other manipulations. The Detox programme includes health-promoting activities and SPA procedures which shall be conducted every day to increase treatment efficiency.

As the spa resort "Mashuk Aqua-Therm" is situated in the ecologically clean area, the region of the Caucasian Mineral Waters, which provides an opportunity to apply climatotherapy and Terrainkur as extra procedures for the Detox programme. The Terrainkur system stipulates walkings trough the mountainous area of Beshtau, Mashuk and Zheleznaya for our guests as well as evenly distributed physical activities which provide a necessary background for cleaning and rehabilitation of the whole body. In its turn, climatotherapy includes sunbathing in local alcoves and outdoor sleeping.

Possible contraindications.

If you have chronic diseases, please, do not forget to inform the doctor in charge, and he/she will identify if you need some body cleaning or do you need the whole range of procedures. The schedule and the price of prescribed cleaning procedures are calculated for each guest in an individual way depending on specific contraindications for some or other procedures and also taking into account doctor recommendations after examination. If you are ready to take part in the set of cleaning procedures, it stipulates 11 days of stay at the spa resort.

When you decide to clean the body and want to buy a voucher to one of the famous resort cities of Russia, choose the Caucasian Mineral Waters located at the border of Zheleznovodsk and Pyatigorsk. Every year guests come from different countries and cities to swim in the swimming pool and ride the water slides, visit the vapour bath and rejuvenate in the cedar barrel, enjoy the time at the sports grounds and, of course, take the full rehabilitation for soul and body during cleaning procedures.