Sanatorium complex Mashuk Aqua-Therm
Stavropol region, Zheleznovodsk city
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Manicure and pedicure studio

Our manicure and pedicure specialists are always available for you!



Classic manicure involves use of cutting for cuticle removal, shaping and care of cuticles and hand skin with professional cosmetics.

European manicure, or manicure with cuticles pushed back, as the technology of cuticle (skin at the nail bed) removal on which every manicure is based is performed without cutting. This manicure type suits well those people who have a thin skin on their hands as it is a very temperate method which can be used even for childen.

Hot manicure  is a variety of classic or European manicure when a manicure specialist uses an individually heated small bath with a special cream-like lotion containing all vitamin sets for cuticle nutrition and strengthening of natural nails. This type of manicure perfectly suits for recover of hands after removal of designed (artificial) nails. Hot manicure perfectly heals inflamed and damaged cuticle, recovers thin and fragile nails and is recommended for people who have a very dry hand skin.

Spa manicure is a set of procedures including improved moisturizing, soft peeling and skin saturation with various vitamins. This is a professional manicure that makes common hands splendid.



Specialists of the beauty SPA "Mashuk Aqua-Therm" are knowledgeable in terms of care of your legs and feet and use modern methods and efficient products. Due to careful and gentle work of the pedicure specialist, you will feel ease and comfort in your feet. Here you can quickly and painlessly treat in-grown nails.
Besides, the beauty spa specialists will perform the procedure of nail surface reconstruction (crack removal, healing of traumas) in a professional way. 
Due to the BS-silk method, nails become smooth and beautiful.

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