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Swimming Pool at the Spa Resort "Mashuk Aqua-Therm"

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Four swimming pools located in the territory of the spa resort "Mashuk Aqua-Therm" will make your rest unforgettable! Equipped with water park elements, these swimming pools will attract both adults and children, and you'll spend a lot of time there.

Spa resorts in Pyatigorsk eqipped with a swimming pool are not rare but ours is a special one as it gives so much joy to the visitors. Cheering and refreshing morning bathing or evening water procedures for relaxation are just a pure pleasure!

Clean and sparkling swimming pools are ideal for gatherings of friends. The built-in circulation system helps to always keep the water clean. A set temperature is regulated every minute that's why you will always be in a comfortable and pleasant environment.

As usual, Zheleznovodsk spa resorts equipped with swimming pools have all necessary certificates and licenses confirming the quality of delivered services. Transparent water and the cleanest air, what more could one ask for?

Our life is like a mosaics composed of small pieces. Let's make these pieces as pleasant as possible!

Please, note that visiting the swimming pool with a slide is allowed for children aged 10 plus.


Swimming pool rules

 Dear guests of the spa resort "Mashuk Aqua-Therm"!

We care of your comfort and safety and kindly ask to read the following rules.

1.      Before using the swimming pool, a visitor must take a shower and wash the body with soap.

2.      It is not allowed to rub various creams and ointments into skin before going to the swimming pool.

3.      Children under 2 years are not allowed to go to the swimming pool. Children aged 2-14 years are allowed to use the swimming pool only accompanied by adult (18+) lawful representatives. Children aged 14-18 years  can visit the swimming pool without adults providing a written consent of parents (lawful representatives).

4.      Persons accompanying children are responsible for their life and safety, control compliance with the rules of  use and conduct in the swimming pool, aqua area and the slide, and are obliged to communicate these rules to all people in the group of bathers.

5.      During the whole bath session accompanying persons shall watch the children bathing in the swimming pool.

6.      Before enter to the water one must take off shoes.

7.      To enter the pool at the deep end, one needs to use a ladder. One should get down slowly holding on the banister.

8.      Foreign objects are not allowed in the pool basin as it can make the pool equipment inoperative.

9.      One should move inside the pool room with care to avoid falling because of the slippery floor (water, shampoo or soap residue, etc.)

10. It is strictly prohibited to:

o    Be inside the pool room wearing overclothes and street shoes .

o    Use the swimming pool in a state of intoxication.

o    Bring to the swimming pool or put to the border glass dishware or glass objects (shampoo, cologne water, diving masks, etc .);

o    Jump in the pool from the borders;

o    Run, push each other and play in the territory of the swimming pool.

11. Those who suffer from infectious or skin diseases are no allowed to use the swimming pool.

12. Every client bears a personal responsibility for his/her state of health during the visit to the swimming pool.

13. In case of breach of the swimming pool rules the spa resort administration is not responsible for life and health of visitors.

Own swimming pools always improve the rating of a spa resort and provide an additional convenient service for guests. In case there are four swimming pools, as in the balneotherapeutical spa resort "Mashuk Aqua-Therm", then, opportunities for health-improving procedures broaden significantly in terms of treatment and prevention water sessions covering all patients indicated such procedures.

Our spa resort with the swimming pool has all the conditions for organization of bathing session in all weather during four seasons due to availability of own pools, two of them are covered and two of them are outdoor. Moreover, the temperature of water in swimming pools  always remains comfortable due to continuous control and regulation while they remain clean due to continuous forced circulation.

Modern mineral water  spa resorts  with swimming pools allows efficient combination of a highly-qualified treatment and a comfortable recreation  that will become a good way to fill in breaks between treatment procedures or make your entertainment schedule more interesting due to evening bathing sessions.

All bathing complexes at our spa resort has their unique peculiarities and advantages. Thus, for example, the aqua-thermal area is naturally complemented with sauna while the swimming pool enables one to relax and recover with the help of hydromassage and counter-flow systems; it can softly release muscle tension improving muscular tone at the same time.

Recreation and treatment

Being in the covered swimming pool with water park elements you can just have rest with your family, take water aerobics lessons under  the trainer supervision or just enjoy bathing and a splendid view of the Beshtau mountain due to panoramic window system of the spa resort sports centre. The main advantages of all swimming systems of the spa resort "Mashuk Aqua-Therm" can be considered the following:

  • Presence of licenses guaranteeing high-quality services;
  • Perfect cleanness and hygiene keeping;
  • Convenient infrastructure of every system.

Besides, the spa resort guests are provided with free chaise-longues and towels, but water aerobics lessons are subject to extra charge. Such convenient services combined with unique natural components and modern treatment and prevention programmes make the Caucasian spa resorts more and more popular among Russian and foreign lovers of an active spa resort health improvement.

Any water exercises are indicated for most of diseases as it gives a possibility to involve virtually all muscles without significant loading on the locomotor system and internals.

Swimming pools of our spa resort are used for health improvement of adults and children. Only some of our patients have contraindications for water procedures because of medical reasons. The spa resort "Mashuk Aqua-Therm developed special rules for use of swimming pools, and their compliance will guarantee that you enjoy safe bathing in a comfortable environment and relax in a pleasant water, strengthen your muscles, rejuvenate your skin and improve the immunity. 

Water aerobics
View from the windows of the swimming pool
Panoramic view of the mountain Beshtau from the swimming pool
Slide with water park elements
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