Sanatorium complex Mashuk Aqua-Therm
Stavropol region, Zheleznovodsk city
Our benefits
Modern medical equipment
Own pump room with mineral water
Free secure parking
Large private area with a spring lake
Indoor pool and gym
Italian Baths
Tennis court
Cognitive Center
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/ Promotion actions

Promotion actions

Advantageous promotion actions in the Zheleznovodsk spa resort “Mashuk Aqua-Therm” with a selection of rooms for living and individual treatment programmes include a variable system for discounting and health improvement.

Range of Offers

The range of offers in the Pyatigorsk spa resort is represented by the following:

Promo “Take Care of Parents”

Promo “Early Booking” – 20% discount

Promo “Give me a Discount!”

Promo “Be on the Positive Side”

We also offer promo actions and discounts for vouchers to the spa resort “Mashuk Aqua-Therm” if you order staying for your parents, this option stipulates purchase of spa resort treatment at the price of a set of health improvement procedures and taking of specialized treatment programmes at the basic treatment price.

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