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Excursion - Dombay

The spa resort “Mashuk Aqua-Therm” organizes the excursion around Dombay for its clients – this is one of the most picturesque mountainous regions located in the North Caucasus. This 12-hour journey will bring you lots of vivid and positive impressions related to a wonderful nature and the people living in this region which will positively influence one’s emotional health and general well-being.

About the region

Dombay is a mountainous area located in the Karachay-Cherkess Republic in the head of the river Teberda in the North Caucasus. The word “dommai” translated from Karachai means “bison” – some time ago these animals lived in abundance in local forests. Today it is a popular ski and mountaineering resort as well the touristic center not only for Russian but also for foreign travelers. The center of the region is a picturesque Dombay glade formed at the junction of three large gorges. Millions of years formed a unique mountainous landscape rich in acute peaks, valleys, chimneys, natural platforms overviewing fantastic panoramas of mountain slopes covered with woods and snows.

Route peculiarities

The route of the excursion is “Pyatigorsk – Suvorovskaya Cossack Village - Cherkessk– Ust-Dzheguta – Karachaevsk – Teberda – Dombay – Pyatigorsk”. A part of the route lies through the valley of the Kuban – the largest river of the North Caucasus. Besides, your journey from Karachaevsk to the next point of destination will continue along the Teberdinsk gorge. You will be transported from one populated locality to another by bus. Excursions around the hard-to-reach mountainous areas are taken by foot or by a funicular. The trip duration is 12 hours, 480 km you’ll travel by bus and 0.5 km – by foot.

Details of the excursion

In summer the excursion around Dombay takes place over the Stavropol Territory and Karachay-Cherkessia. Our professional guide tells about the peoples living in the North Caucasus, its Russian history, provides interesting facts on the origin of some settlements. The resort Teberda is the starting point of the lifting to the Dombay glade. Using a funicular, you’ll be lifted up to the shoulder of the mount Mussa-Achitara at a height of 3,200 meters. Here you will enjoy a lofty view of the Caucasus Mountains, numerous gorges, snowy peaks and valleys. You’ll try exquisite national dishes in one of the numerous local cafes and on the way back you will try a crystal-clear water from a small mountain stream Murudzhu.

To specify prices for a trip to Dombay and order the excursion at our spa resort complex, please, phone us: 8 (928) 375-47-07 or 8 (903) 415-72-54. Do not forget to bring warm clothes with you to feel comfortable in a fresh highland climate.

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