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Programme “Spine Treatment”

Degenerative spine disease and other spine disorders is a serious reason to rather visit a spa resort where one can combine treatment and rest than go to some seaside resort. In case you don’t have such problems but you’re keeping a generally sedentary and not very active lifestyle, you’d better pay some attention to spine problem prevention.

The spa resort “Mashuk Aqua-Therm” is a place where specialist with a sound expertise work using various methods for back strengthening. We offer you a comprehensive programme “Spine Treatment”.

Programme components

The basic programme elements include examination by a therapist and by a number of other specialists: neurologist, physiotherapist, recreation therapist. Further, these specialists will monitor your state while you’re following a complete treatment course. Upon the results of the examination, an individual schedule of procedures will be made for you. Depending on the indications or contraindications it can include:

  • Remedial exercises;
  • Schockwave therapy;
  • Mud therapy;
  • Reflexotherapy;
  • Massage;
  • Instrumental physiotherapy;
  • Medicinal baths;
  • Hirudotherapy;
  • Underwater horizontal spinal traction;
  • Water treatment;
  • Medication (if necessary);
  • Ozone therapy, etc.

Programme objectives

  • General health improvement, immune system strengthening, prevention of spine diseases.
  • Creation of favorable conditions for further medication.
  • Release or alleviation of pain, improvement of the spinal state.
  • Patient rehabilitation after the course of surgical or medicinal treatment.

Benefits of having recreation at our spa resort:

  • Availability of our own diagnostic base.
  • Opportunity to take comprehensive treatment under specialist supervision.
  • Picturesque well-groomed territory, abundance of excursion programmes.
  • Mineral water source in the spa resort territory.
  • Full set of premium services.

To learn the prices for our services, please, click here.

List of services included in the programme “Spine Treatment”


 Number of procedures

 Medical programme:


Initial appointment of a therapist 


 Case monitoring by a therapist ( if prescribed by a neurologist)


 Specialized doctor advice (as per indications)




Recreation therapist




 Diagnostic procedures:


Complete blood count


Common urine test


Biochemical blood test (4 tests as per indications)


 Electrocardiography at rest


   Gynecological smear, prostatic secretion


 Health-promoting procedures:






 Treatment procedures:


 Mineral water treatment


 Mineral, Nauheim, turpentine, iodide-bromine, radon baths,(as per indications)


 Water treatment: circular douche or raining douche or Charcot’s douche/Vichy’s shower


  Underwater douche-massage


Mud therapy: local applications, electrical muds, general mud application (as per indications)


 Swimming pool (40 minutes)


 Underwater horizontal spinal traction 9 or traction of neck and collar area (if indicated) 


 Shockwave therapy


 Interstitial electrical stimulation according to Gerasimov


 Hydrokinesitherapy (water remedial gymnastics – health block)


Workout in the gym ( 30 minutes)


 Spinal massage 3 units


Instrumental physiotherapy 2 types




 Phyto brews


 Manual therapy


 Hirudotherapy (5 leeches for a person)




 Intramuscular ozone therapy along the spine


 Emergency medication (as per indications)





Other specialized treatment programmes:

Respiratory system treatment

Joint treatment

Digestive system treatment

Obesity and overweight treatment programme “Detox Aqua-Therm”


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